GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking


The flyer distribution industry is not regulated, but Ace Leaflet Distribution & Print Ltd aims to bring back accountability! At Ace Leaflet Distribution & Print Ltd we distribute millions of flyers every month. All our deliveries are tracked using Live GPS units, checked by supervisors every hour giving our customers peace of mind that their material was actually delivered, and not thrown in the bin. That is the last thing you want! We gain our customers’ trust by proving that we actually delivered their material through our GPS Distribution Reports on daily Basis. Our delivery KPI’s are higher than any other distribution company in England.

Transparent Distribution Model — Powered by Live GPS Tracking system — Best in The Industry.

Accurate Delivery Maps.

Ace Leaflet Distribution & Print Ltd customizes its delivery maps to meet your specifications. We take great pride in offering complete, high-quality and accurate deliveries. We accept nothing less – and neither should you. We have instituted an in-house quality control system that has yet to be duplicated anywhere else in our industry. Our transparent distribution model – powered by GPS Tracking is the best in our industry.

Ace Leaflet Distribution & Print Ltd  four (4) step Verification Process

Client Check (live access into our GPS platform)– We will provide you access into our GPS platform and you can see whilst Distribution is in progress, you can meet the supervisor and walkers in the field & cross check whilst distribution is in progress or you can watch distribution live in the comfort of your office or from anywhere you access our GPS platform on request. (Terms & Condition Apply)

GPS Report – All of our Distributors & Supervisors are monitored through our state-of-the-art GPS system and to further ensure that your distribution is accurate and complete, we send you Daily GPS report for your records.

Field QC – We visually inspect your delivery area(s) to further insure we are providing the highest quality distribution available and this symbol represents our Supervisor checking homes & verifying deliveries and ensure 0% error.

Distribution Manager QC – Once the distribution is completed and all GPS tracks of Posters and supervisors are loaded, we cross-check and look for any gaps that need to be rescheduled for completion.


How to View GPS Tracks

We will send you GPS track report with the hyperlink to view the GPS map. Once you click the link the Google maps open. You can use the feature of zooming in and out and satellite view etc.


Please let us know if you require any assistance using the hyperlink.

The supervisors also carries a GPS on them so we can see them driving around to do spot-checks on walkers and top them up with more flyers.


Disclaimer for Accuracy of GPS units


GPS tracking units may at times provide an erroneous reading because of one or all the reasons below:


GPS unit manufacturers’ state that this type of equipment is accurate to “within 10 meters” so some variation may be apparent with some tracks.


We have noted some instances of interference where tracks appear to deviate from a logical course. Most likely this type of interference is from communications equipment such as radio base units, mobile phone cell stations, overhead power cables & power stations.

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"A very efficient and reliable service. Great customer service and very useful GPS tracking reports on completion. Recommended"

- Leeds City Council
Capacity Planning & Sufficiency Team

"ACE has always been very nice to deal with and the GPS maps are really helpful in knowing where and when the leaflets go out. I would certainly recommend them." Kind Regards,

- Andy Leo
Branch Manager| Northwood

We would like to thank ACE for all services and happy to recommend ACE to others.

- Raj Klair
Director, Whitegates, Pudsdey

ACE Distribution & Design supported us plan a door to door leaflet campaign targeted at specific areas of Leeds. We had targeted certain locations and time we want the campaign finishing by. We benefit high revenue and resulted in an increase amount of traffic to our site. Many people took up the special offer we had on the leaflet. Very pleased with the service and would have no hesitate in recommending them.

- A Alexander
Director of

My business get noticed by public in my target area since I used ACE Distribution & Design. ACE Designed my menu, printed and distributed. A complete reliable marketing company in Leeds.

- LOF Carpets

Very reliable company with good customer service.

- Ms. Alice Oriental Express

Good customer service and always get the job done on time. Recommended.

- Mamadou Success Print

Top Company, excellent price, high service quality. Please use this company for marketing and you would not regret as they deliver what you agree with them.

- Mr. Chen
Beijing Express, Batley

High quality service. Also the price was very good! Thank you very much ACE.

- Megabite
Megabite Leeds

The number one door to door distributor with GPS tracked and very professional and reliable company in Leeds. ACE were excellent, really helpful and friendly. Quality great, everything delivered on time.

- Yorkshire Charcoal
Yorkshire Charcoal Leeds

Top and should have 5 Stars - The best Door to Door distribution company I would say in Yorkshire. Highly recommended.

- Mr. A. Iqbal Owner of Ceaser

I am extremely satisfied with the excellent and professional service provided by ACE Distribution & Design. We have used alternative companies in the past, I am proud to tell you that ACE is by far the very best. The GPS Tracking system is excellent, but what I like most of all, is that they deliver what they say they will do. Thank you from all at Rumbles Team Leeds.

- Mr. Ali - Rumbles

ACE is the best in Yorkshire marketplace in door to door distribution service as they deliver what they agree to deliver and on time. No doubt they are recommended.

- Mr. Sarfaraz - Saparanos Pizza

I used ACE service myself and had a good response and introduced many of my clients and all have been happy with professional, honest & reliable service and I had good feedback from them. If you want the right and professional team so these are the ones to go

- Mr. Tariq - Leeds City Store

Really Professional, helpful and friendly. Quality top, delivered service on time, ICE Chilli will be using ADD from now on without a doubt.

- M.A. Yousufzia - Managing Director ICE Chilli

Good customer service and always get the job done. Recommended.

- A. Alikhil - Sales & Marketing Director Quality Meals Express

I own beauty saloon in Hill Top Wakefield. From Facebook ads to different channel of marketing, i spent thousands but we couldn’t get good response whatsoever. I printed 20,000 leaflet for £189 and distributed them as well with Ace Leaflet distribution. I couldn’t be more happy with the Response, incredibly amazing way of marketing. Very cheap and effective. Thanks you guys so much. Best Christmas gift I have ever received. I will be doing more next year every month.

- Eshwa Alikhel
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